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Kick Off Summer Sale

Fringe is participating in the Kick Off Summer Sale at Second Style Island!

50% off of selected items in the store, which means everything, except for the newest release, but it’s cheap anyway:

*fringe Oi Tee

Comes in multiple layers, and for the bra as well. Three color options to choose from!

Do you like the shape in the ad? Well guess what…the shape will be a special priced item for the Kick Off Summer Sale, so it’ll be available until June 8th!

*fringe Shapes: Viki

Demo and style card are available before buying, so come check it out! Taxi coming up!



New Store Location and Freebie!

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that Fringe has a store inworld, at the lovely Second Style Island! Come on by to get clothing at a low price and also some freebies including:

Freckles for 2.0 Tattoo Layer

Taxi to Fringe

Now Available at Fringe!

Now out at Fringe for the Easter holidays is this cute skirted tube top called Kali. Comes in six colors, and is a full sculpted item of clothing, and because of that, there is a demo available to try on. So stop by and take a look! Thanks!

New Release at Fringe

New and quick release at Fringe today. This is a minidress that’s half sheer and half…not sheer. And because I’m so nice, I’m setting them out for only $L100 each. Go check them out! And if you haven’t seen the opening releases you should check them out as well!

PLUS available now are these two gifts when you join the Fringe Clothing Group:

I know, it’s a lot to take in. Enjoy!

And here’s a taxi:

Fringe Clothing

Open for Business

It’s finally here! Go take a looksee!

Fringe Clothing Location