Hello World! I’m back!

Am I back? I’ve been back…the real question is ‘Am I making more things?’. Answer is yes!

‘Will they be released soon?’. Hopefully in a few weeks!

I really hope I get to enjoy this experience as I did a few years ago. I believed it was time to update and prone my skills enough to create what I really wanted with the tools that are available.  So this blog will be full of updates, releases, progressions of a release. And I really hope that I get enough of an audience to give out criticism, opinions, have a fresh eye on things, because every designer, when they look at their creation long enough, they get SO tired of it!

So why the name Fringe? Well…it’s not hair bangs or tassels on a vest. I was more going along the line of this definition: the outside boundary or surface of something. That could mean many things. I’m more leaning towards “outside the norm”, which kinda defines me in a way as well. Hopefully my clothing will express that.

Many thanks, and hope to see you in the near future!


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