Kick Off Summer Sale

Fringe is participating in the Kick Off Summer Sale at Second Style Island!

50% off of selected items in the store, which means everything, except for the newest release, but it’s cheap anyway:

*fringe Oi Tee

Comes in multiple layers, and for the bra as well. Three color options to choose from!

Do you like the shape in the ad? Well guess what…the shape will be a special priced item for the Kick Off Summer Sale, so it’ll be available until June 8th!

*fringe Shapes: Viki

Demo and style card are available before buying, so come check it out! Taxi coming up!



New Store Location and Freebie!

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that Fringe has a store inworld, at the lovely Second Style Island! Come on by to get clothing at a low price and also some freebies including:

Freckles for 2.0 Tattoo Layer

Taxi to Fringe

Fringe Exclusively on Xstreet

That’s right. Unfortunately, I don’t have an inworld store for the time being. But all my items are still on Xstreet, plus a dollarbie! So check out my merchant page here!

This here be the dollarbie

This here be the dollarbie

Thanks and take care!

Spring Rooftop Sale!

SALE!!!! SALE!!!! SALE!!!!!

Juicy Mirabella Sim is hosting first annual Spring Roof Top Sale starting today till April 17,2010.
Look for tents above participating shops and/or parcel and save tons of money.
Save on furniture, jewelry, ladies clothing, mens hair, ladies hair and much more.

Participating stores:



Butterfly EffectZ

Simply Britnee

Ear Candy



Come and enjoy this fantastic deals.

Thank you!


For Fringe, we have spring colors out for 50% or more off! And check out this dollarbie!

Taxi To Fringe

Kali Tube Tops Now on Xstreet

Fringe finally has the Kali Tube Tops on Xstreet! No worries about teleporting to the store, you can buy straight from there. The demo is available also here.

You can go to the Fringe website or you can take the link to Xstreet directly. Thanks!

Mixed Up Bunneh Hunt Prize from Fringe

The hunt is up and running, but only until April 6th, so come out and enjoy yourself and get those eggs!

This is my gift for those that find my Fringe egg in the Mirabella Sim 🙂

For more info on the hunt, please go to my previous post here:

Now Available at Fringe!

Now out at Fringe for the Easter holidays is this cute skirted tube top called Kali. Comes in six colors, and is a full sculpted item of clothing, and because of that, there is a demo available to try on. So stop by and take a look! Thanks!

The Mixed Up Bunneh Hunt!

Fringe will be participating in the Mixed Up Bunneh Hunt starting TOMORROW! (Thursday, April 1st).  So be sure to have your Easter Egg Hunting mantra going on! More info from the press release:

(\ __/)
( =^.^)             Mixed Up
(__(¨)(¨)       Bunneh Hunt !
Brought to you by: Malt, Sunny, Copley Square, Juicy, Juicy De Costa, and Mirabella
Over 40 stores across 6 sims have come together to make this Easter a little bit sweeter for everybody
Oh nuu! In all his hopping excitement  to hand out little chocolate versions of himself and peeps to the shop owners, the Easter Bunneh bounced Eggs all over the sims!  Find and return them to their owners for an Easter surprise of your own!
Hidden on each of the 6 sims will be a number of Easter Eggs spread out by the Bunneh.  Help these top-notch clothiers, interior designers, accessorizers and so much more find and return their Eggs to the baskets by their stops entrance.  There will be an information board by the TP point of each participating sim to provide detailed instructions.
The hunt starts Wednesday, April 1 and runs to Tuesday, April 6, so don’t miss your chance to take a big bite out of the fun!
Participating Sims:
Happy Hunting!

Fringe is now on Xstreet!

It’s about time too! For those that don’t feel like teleporting from your safe haven, you can now just use your browser to take a look and buy! Have your purchase delivered to you without leaving your SL home!

Go ahead, take a look at our available items.

Thanks and enjoy!

Fringe now has SoM!

Nope it isn’t a STD! 😛 Fringe finally has a Subscribe-O-Matic! So no worries about taking up group space…just click to join and you can still receive Fringe’s past group gifts!

Fringe has one out now for St. Patty’s Day! Something green and sexy to boot! Get it now!

Check out our website to see the other group gifts we have!

Taxi to Fringe

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